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Dear Library Supporters >>> to see what’s happening with the New Library Project and visit the City’s New Library Project website please click here.




Congratulations to the members who signed on for another term of duty as PFOL officers. The election was held at our June 24 meeting and the following offices were filled:

                                Co-President                     Joan Putz

                                Co- President                    Carl Schwab

                                Vice President                   Reba Leon

                                Treasurer                            Susan Omran

                                Secretary                             Laurie Jacobsen

Members at large and committee chairs include:  Naomi Izumizaki, Caroline Barba, Kathy King, Vicki Silver, Cynthia Sevenants. Thanks to all for volunteering to serve to support our libraries in these uncertain times.

New Hours

As part of its unfolding process to re-open the libraries, the County has announced new hours for our libraries.  All libraries in the system are allotted 48 hours. Because we have 2 libraries, we have to split them. The new hours will take effect on Aug 2 for the Sharp Park Library, and Aug 3 for Sanchez.

The new hours are:                     

      Sharp Park                                                  Sanchez

        Monday 10am – 8pm                               Mon. Closed

        Tues.   12pm -8 pm                                   Tues.  1pm – 5pm

        Weds.  Closed                                            Weds.  1pm – 5pm

         Thurs.   10am – -5pm                               Sat.  1 pm – 5pm

          Fri.  10am – 5pm                                              

          Sat.  1 pm – 5pm

Due to the uncertainty caused by the current surge in the Delta variant strain of Covid-19, the situation will remain fluid.   We are tentatively planning a fall book sale, but it is dependent on the situation, so as a result we are still not accepting donations at this time.


              Please go to the Newsletter page and check out the latest newsletter for the latest information. 

Welcome to the website of the Pacifica Friends of the Library (PFOL).  The Friends of the Library are a dedicated group of library supporters who share the belief that libraries are vital to the health of a community and our democracy.  Not only do libraries provide unbiased information in many formats, but they also serve as a community gathering place for a free exchange of ideas and entertainment. Beyond that, libraries also play a role in educating children through many interactive programs.  We are currently working together with the Pacifica Library Foundation to bring the community together to create a new building which will help the library fulfill its mission in a setting that encourages community participation.  With this in mind, here is our mission statement:

Pacifica Friends of the Library is 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established to develop closer relations between the Libraries and the residents of Pacifica.  To this end, PFOL provides funds for library programs, creates awareness of library needs, and promotes volunteerism.


Our major fundraisers are our popular book sales.  We have two large two-day book sales a year with occasional supplementary sales.  One sale is usually the beginning of June and the second is the first weekend of December.  The sale begins on a Friday, 11 am to 6 pm, and continues on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.   Watch this space for the dates of the next upcoming Book Sale.  For information on book sales and how to donate books, click here.




You Shop, Amazon Gives

When you log onto ‘smile.amazon.com’ for the first time, type in Pacifica Friends of the Library when asked to choose a charitable organization.  This will take you to the home page for Amazon.
AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your purchase total to PFOL.
You do not need to do anything beyond choosing Pacifica Friends of the Library as your designated charity.
You will be directed to the Amazon home page, and the shopping experience is the same.  So shop on at smile.amazon.com.  Click on the Smiley Face to begin.

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Contact Us: pfol94044@gmail.com

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All dues and donations are tax deductible. EIN: 94-3177651