The  Pacifica Friends of the Library has always been more active around the time when the community is trying to build new facilities for the library.  In 1964 the City Council approved a new building on Hilton Way in Sharp Park.  Prior to this, the library had been moved from several storefront locations around Pacifica.  The librarians reached out to the local American Association of University Women to provide leadership in the effort.  Mrs. Shirley Majchzrack  of the AAUW became the first president of the Friends.  In 1965 the new Sharp Park Library was completed for $66,000 for the 7082 square foot building.Pacifica, a city of approximately 40,000, has a unique challenge caused by its geography.  It was originally several small developments stretching twelve miles down the coast.  These neighborhoods voted to come together to form the City of Pacifica in 1957.  The population is about equally divided north and south with the Vallemar area in the middle. Before 1978 and the budget cuts of Proposition 13, the Linda Mar area in the south had a store front library branch in the Linda Mar Shopping Center.  In a compromise situation, the branch was temporarily located in the closed Pedro Valley School.   The Friends became active again as advocates for a new branch for the south end of town.  The result was the Sanchez Library which opened in 1981.  Due to budgetary constraints, the size of the library was cut in half and it is a small 4,129 square foot building with no meeting space.  In 1991 the Friends were re-instituted in its current form with the awareness that a new library was needed.

In 2004, the Pacifica Library Foundation was created to advocate and raise awareness for a new library that would serve the whole community.  Modern libraries have evolved to become more than repositories for books, and currently serve the community in many capacities. It has become clear that the city cannot afford to keep two buildings operational, and the Sharp Park Building has exceeded its life span.  Neither facility has the ability to meet these needs.  The City has proposed a site across the street from the current Sharp Park Library that would be suitable for a large library with space for different activities and interests and also a large meeting room.  The Friends have partnered with the Pacifica Library Foundation and the City Council in the efforts to bring this to reality while maintaining their main purpose of supporting library services.