2020 – January through June

Below is a list of goods and/or services for the period of 2020 January through June funded by the Friends of the Library.  Total funded is $7275.

YOUTH: $6150.  (Replaces Children and Teen)

  • Programs: $2450
  • Refreshments and Supplies: $2800
  • Book Clubs: $900

YOUTH PROGRAMS PLANNED: Ballet Classes; Family Program; Storytime Performers; STEAM; Storytime Supplies; Movie Night refreshments/crafts; After School Snacks; Crafts; Family Book Club; Middle School Book Clubs Party; and $2450 remainder To Be Determined.

ADULT: $2400

  • Programs: $1500
  • Refreshments and Supplies: $250
  • Book Clubs: $650

ADULT PROGRAMS PLANNED:  Painting; Adult Book Clubs; Supplies & Refreshments.


TOTAL: $9050

  • Less Surplus from prior period: -$1775


Happy New Year!!  We had a busy fall and holiday season.  This fiscal year, changes were made to funding policies such that our middle school book clubs and now being funded with system (SMCL) funds.   As a results, we ended up with surplus monies that we are redirecting to our adult book clubs as well as replenishing low stocks of storytime and craft supplies and purchasing new bins for organizing those supplies.

Thanks to your generous support, staff engaged in a team building activity of Gender Identify Training with the San Mateo Pride Center followed by lunch in the fall.  This spring we plan to participate in a community service activity.

Thank you so much for all you do.  Your dedication to the Pacifica Libraries means so much.

Warm regards,

Julie Finklang, Library Manager, Pacifica Libraries